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Pro tips for securing a mortgage

Vancouver has always been a challenging city to get a foot in the door. Add on a pandemic, and it gets even more complicated. HAVAN’s Home Buying Forum, typically held in-person each spring, but cancelled due to COVID-19, led to HAVAN producing a series of information videos to ensure first-time buyers have access to the knowledge they need to buy smarter.

HAVAN has captured the industry experts who typically present at the forum, in a series of nine 10-20 minute Home Buying 101 videos, packed with information and resources, to help people buy smarter.

Offering buying strategies, market knowledge, legal and mortgage advice, plus lots more, the videos are poised to help first-time buyers leverage their buying power. Record low interest rates and pent up demand from lack of spring sales has Vancouver poised to be a sellers market. It only makes sense to empower oneself.

I was invited to be in a video to talk about “Pro tips for securing a mortgage”.  Conducted by Shayne Ramsay, CEO of BC Housing, we discuss about interest rates and mortgages.

Check out the video series and share with your family and friends today!

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