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Your Financial Experts On Homeownership

Modern House
Modern House

What you need to make homeownership happen

The buying of a home is one of people’s biggest purchases.


Some people spend more time analyzing which cell phone provider they should get their 2-year contract, compared to the time they spend determining which is the best mortgage for them. 

We provide you all the necessary information and guide you so you are comfortable throughout the entire process and happy with the decisions you make. 

Bridgestone Financing Pros is the one-stop-shop for your financial needs. Whether you are buying your first home, refinancing or renewing your mortgage, building, renovating, buying an investment property or need a HELOC (home equity line of credit), we find you the best option based on your individual needs. 

Private Property

How we help homeowners get money

The Bridgestone Financing Pros team has access to Canada's largest banks, credit unions, mono-lenders (lenders that you can only access through a broker), and other institutional lenders along with sub-prime (B lenders), private lenders and investors.


Our clients have more choices for financing than any one bank or lending institution can offer.

We can help you if you are self-employed, have bruised credit, getting divorced, debt consolidation or help you turn your equity into cash. We can even find ways to increase your property’s value above what you borrowed for it.

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New Home Buyer’s Guide & other tools for your belt.

We Believe In Building Wealth Through Relationships 

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