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Who We Are

Creating sound financial strategies

Clients source us to receive the pinnacle of professionalism. Our services are focused on building relationships that go beyond the funding date. We value family and how the world and its economic changes impact you. 

Our Mission & Vision

Facilitating financial freedom, faster!

The mission of Bridgestone Financing Pros is to provide our clients with cost-effective financing solutions while maintaining the highest level of expertise. We are the trusted financial and investment experts for our clients’ financial growth through real estate. 


Our Core Values


We instill trust and peace of mind in our clients by taking them through the process before we start. We handle all their financial information and disclosure of their unique circumstances, in the most confidential manner. 

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Not just a word with us – we live and breathe by a judicious Code of Ethics that we follow in every interaction.

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We are relentlessly committed to providing each client with the best option for their situation. We constantly upgrade our education and financing sourcing to serve our clients and develop long-term relationships as a result. 

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With a personal approach, through clear and timely communication, we alleviate fear and uneasiness in delivering our seamless process. There is always respectful energy around each interaction – from providing our documents in a timely fashion to parties to complete the process, to helping all parties understand the process and circumstances.

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Our clients appreciate the long-term value we provide in focusing on the overall financing rather than just the rate. We care about every client, and demonstrate gratitude by communication after the closing and conducting yearly follow-ups.

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Alisa Aragon - Lloyd

Money Finder, Founder and CEO

A Bit About Alisa

Alisa’s passion is creating financial independence. Her extensive and varied experience stems from over 14 years of working with high-profile companies, including Polygon Homes, Ledingham McAllister, The Quigg Group, Pinnacle International, Maverick Real Estate, and Hollyburn Properties. 


When she moved into the financing arena as a licensed Mortgage Expert in 2010, she quickly gained a reputation for finding creative solutions with sound strategy. She regularly contributes to the New Home & Condo Guide and is a past monthly contributor for the Real Estate Weekly ( She was an expert panelist along with BC Housing, CMHC (Canadian Mortgage & Housing Corporation), and Fortis. Alisa has been an active member of Homebuilders Association Vancouver (HAVAN) since 2012. She is a Director on the Board and is the Chair of the Supplier Council at HAVAN.


In addition, Alisa volunteers at numerous HAVAN events. Bridgestone Financing Pros clients love her energy and caring personality, especially since she extends them beyond funding date. “It’s why we have so many repeat clients and quality testimonials!” Alisa gives back to her community by teaching high school students about financial literacy in the classroom. 

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Rose Chiron-Howitt

Investment Strategist 

A Bit About Rose

After a long career in the hospitality industry, Rose achieved her single-parent dream of entrepreneurship. It all started when she purchased her first home and used the money to attain another. Before she knew it, she was in the real estate game. The freedom of self-employment gave her ample family time while working fewer hours for more money.


She didn’t realize at the time what her potential was, but she was surrounded by wealth and soaking up all the investment strategies she could. As life changed, Rose found herself in a situation where she had little money but was able to use the knowledge that she gained from past experiences. She used a small number of RRSPs to secure an old building, drew up blueprints on a scrap piece of paper, decided what she’d need to set it in motion, and raised the capital to make it happen.


From that, a strategic planner was born. Rose currently works with Bridgestone Financing Pros to bring a wealth of knowledge and support to individuals interested in purchasing real estate. She believes that with the property investment strategy, anyone can grow a real estate portfolio. In the day-to-day, Rose vets investors, joint venture partners and investment properties to help clients build wealth.

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Michelle Sewell

Marketing and Administrative Assistant

A Bit About Michelle

Michelle comes to Bridgestone Financing Pros with a background in office administration and social media marketing.  Her goal is to make sure that everyone is getting the assistance they need when they need it as she oversees the clerical tasks and assists with the marketing including all the social media platforms. Michelle’s friendly manner and warm smile combined with common sense and intelligence makes her the perfect person to keep things running smoothly.


How We Give Back

Financial Literacy For Teens, Young Adults And Parents 

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Knowing about financial literacy is an invaluable advantage. Having a solid foundation that allows you to start building wealth at an early age sets youth up for the future. That’s why we’re dedicated to hosting seminars on financing and traveling to high schools where we teach teens, young adults, and parents about financial literacy. 

Easter Seal - Drop Zone

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As part of the HAVAN Heroes, we leaped off three buildings in Vancouver, Surrey, and Burnaby to raise money for youth supported by. In the last 3 years, we’ve collectively raised over $100,000. Bridgestone Financing Pros believes that every dollar donated has a positive impact on the kids, such as sending them to summer camps, integrative work initiatives, and life skills programs.

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