At Bridgestone Financing Pros, we value our clients' families, their communities and create a strong foundation by supporting them with their financial wellness.

We develop a financial strategy based on your real estate goals in the short and long term while guiding you through all the options step by step. We have access to Canadas largest banks, credit unions, mono-lenders (lenders that you can only access through a broker), and other institutional lenders along with sub-prime (B lenders), private lenders and investors. Whether you're buying a residential or commercial property, taking out home equity, or are a business looking to grow, Bridgestone Financing Pros can lead you to success.

Leasing a Home
Taking the Key

Residential Mortgages

Buying a home is one of the most significant purchases of your lifetime. It doesn't help that mortgages can be confusing, especially with the constant changes in lending guidelines. At Bridgestone Financing Pros, we take the confusion out of mortgages by doing the research and legwork for you. Best of all, our services cost you nothing. Give us a call and start your path to homeownership today!



A good time to start looking for a new mortgage term is between four and six months before your current term expires. Lenders make more money when they renew your mortgage than on your initial term, and yet it's estimated that four out of ten homeowners take the first-rate their bank or lender offers. Shopping around for a good renewal is just as important as shopping for your first mortgage. 

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Signing a Contract


Refinancing can be a good option if you're looking at turning your home equity into cash. This is a great option to consolidate debt, make home improvements, purchase an investment property, or pay college expenses. Refinancing might even be for you if you recently improved your credit score and now qualify for a lower mortgage interest rate or are looking to improve your monthly cash flow.

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HELOC-Home Equity Line Of Credit 

HELOCs, or home equity lines of credit, typically have lower rates than personal loans or credit cards. You benefit from borrowing funds as needed over time. This is a great way to leverage your equity and use it for investments.

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Commercial Financing

Commercial financing includes both real estate mortgages and business loans. We work with several lenders to assist with purchasing or refinancing commercial or income-producing property while offering a flexible way to raise capital. 


Construction Loans

Construction mortgage loans are a short time loan, used to fund a land acquisition or construction on property that you already own. In most cases, the lender will request regular inspections to ensure that the project is on track when you make draws on the loan, and you're responsible for paying interest on the funds during the construction process. We are with you throughout the entire construction process and way after the home is completed. 

Wood Frame of House
Renovating House

Renovation Loans

Renovation loans are great ways to make repairs or improvements to your home without having the cash on hand. Taking out a loan for home renovations isn’t always easy, There are different ways to access funds. Depending on the level of renovation and funds required, there are different financing options to get you the funds.

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Private Lending
& Alternative Lending

We have access to an ever-expanding number of private lenders and alternative financing when traditional lending isn't an option. Private lenders are typically equity-based lenders. These lenders lend based on the equity in the home and ability to pay and not income or credit. The private lenders look at your story, the property details and the exit strategy. 

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There's more!

Don't see what you need listed? We also have access to unsecured personal loans, merchant cash advances, factoring, and working capital loans. Contact a Bridgestone Financing Pros professional today to discuss your needs. 


"We pride ourselves on developing strategies customized for each individual client. Our planning includes the best financing and mortgage with the most favourable terms and rates that suit your individual needs."